4 Things That You Should Know About Depot HTS Red Rawon in Malang

Rawon is one of the traditional delicacies from Indonesia. This beef curry usually has black color since it’s using kluwek or well known as pangium nuts as one of the ingredients.

However, the Red Rawon that became the best menu of Depot HTS mainly served with red color not black as the Indonesian people mostly know. Depot HTS itself is one of the famous and oldest restaurant in Malang, Indonesia 

If you get curious with the look of Depot HTS’s Red Rawon, come find out the four facts that you need to know regarding this cuisine. 

1. Depot HTS is Established Since 1927

theindonesian - depot hts red rawon
Depot HTS Red Rawon – source: depothts_1927

HTS is an abbreviation of Hwan Tjwan Sing. This restaurant is located in Dokter Wahidin Street No.123, Lawang, Malang regency. 

The building has three floors and it is located exactly on the side of the road of Surabaya – Malang. The restaurant has a wide parking area, prayer room, and toilet. 

The special cuisine of this restaurant is Red Rawon, a special beef curry that is cooked with family recipes. The red beef curry itself has been on the menu list since 1927. Wondering whether the reader of this article was already born in that year?

People said that the Red Rawon is very popular among the Japanese that stayed in Indonesia at that moment. Even now, many tourists from Japan and the Netherlands that come to Malang are always taking time to enjoy the delicious Red Rawon directly in Depot HTS. 

2. The Source of Red Color in The Beef Curry (Red Rawon)

Most Indonesia’s culinary enthusiasts already know that the black color of Rawon is coming from kluwek or pangium nuts. During 1927, Depot HTS created an innovation with the beef curry recipes. 

They changed the kluwek ingredients with red chilli and combined it with rich spices. At the end, the rawon sauce that usually has black color turns into tempting red. 

3. High Quality Ingredients

The meat inside the beef curry is very tender. It’s easy to bite the meat and surely very delicious. You will find a lot of meat in a bowl of Red Rawon. 

Thus because the Red Rawon is served with the best ingredients quality. The fresh meat for  the curry beef is boiled long enough to gain the tender food texture. 

The spices that are used for the curry also have a high quality. You may also find the supplementary ingredients  such as sprout and salty eggs also fresh and delicious.

4. The Price is Affordable

theindonesian - depot hts onde-onde
Traditional Snacks – source: depothts_1927

No need to worry about the price, it is very affordable. A plate of white rice, and a bowl of Red Rawon will only cost you thirty thousand rupiah, Rp30.000,-.

Not only Red Rawon, but Depot HTS are also famous for its traditional snacks. Here, you will also find the famous boiled rice cake or usually called Onde-Onde HTS, spring rolls, rissoles, and many others.

So, what are you waiting for? Come try the special delicacies from Depot HTS Lawang. 

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